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Deer Fencing Near Quincy, MA

Are you looking to keep deer and other wildlife out of your property? Installing a deer fence is an effective way to protect your landscape plants, garden, and yard from deer and other animals.

Deer can cause extensive damage to flower beds, gardens, trees, and shrubs through grazing and rubbing. Their hooves also damage lawns and compact soil.

A properly installed deer fence acts as a physical barrier that keeps deer off your property so you can enjoy lush vegetation without constant destruction.

Our team has years of experience designing, supplying, and installing customized deer fencing for homes and businesses. We use high-quality materials and advanced techniques to create long-lasting and low-maintenance deer fences that effectively deter deer while complementing your property’s aesthetics.

Unlike regular fences, deer fencing needs specialized design considerations as deer can easily jump and penetrate through gaps. Our experts evaluate your property to determine high deer traffic areas and make fence height recommendations based on the deer species in your location. We also take into account local regulations, terrain, existing structures, and other factors that impact deer fence installation.

In addition to keeping deer out, our fences are versatile for deterring rabbits, groundhogs, coyotes, and other nuisance animals.

We offer durable and resilient deer fence options including wood, metal, electric, and woven wire that withstand the elements while providing years of dependable protection.

Process We Follow for Deer Fencing

Installing an effective deer fence requires careful planning, professional installation, and the right materials to create a barrier that deters deer. Here is an overview of our proven deer fencing process:

Initial Site Visit and Consultation

  • We schedule a site visit at your property to evaluate the landscape and talk through your unique needs and concerns. We assess potential deer entry points, and high traffic areas, and discuss fence height, materials, and placement options for optimal protection.
  • During the consultation, we also go through considerations like aesthetics, future plans, local regulations, HOA rules, and other factors that impact your deer fence installation.
  • Our team walks the property perimeter with you while taking measurements and photographs. We also discuss the pros and cons of different fencing materials so you can select options that best suit your needs.

Customized Deer Fence Design

  • Using the information gathered from the site analysis and consultation, our experts create a customized deer fence design plan and proposal for your property.
  • The design specifications include recommended fence height and type, post spacing, gate locations, and a computerized aerial view of the planned layout.
  • We optimize the fence configuration for deterring deer through strategic placement, leaving no gaps at entries or high deer traffic areas.
  • Our team works closely with you to make any revisions to the plan until finalized. We ensure the fence complements aesthetics and allows easy access.


  • Once you approve the design, we submit the plan for permitting with the city if fencing regulations apply for your property locale and fence parameters.
  • We work closely with local authorities to acquire the deer fence permit by providing all required documentation, responding to queries, and handling the entire permitting process for you.

Material Procurement

  • With the deer fence design plan approved, we order customized fencing materials including posts, mesh wire, gates, and other hardware needed for optimal durability.
  • We source high-quality materials from trusted and proven suppliers to ensure strength, resilience, and longevity exceeding 25+ years.
  • The necessary tools, equipment and safety accessories are also procured and prepared for the installation.


  • Our experienced crew arrives on the scheduled installation date ready to start erecting the professionally designed deer fence on your property.
  • We lay out the fence line area and prepare the terrain for digging post holes using excavation equipment. The fence posts are sunk securely into the ground with concrete for fortification.
  • The mesh wire is stretched across the posts at the planned height leaving no gaps at the bottom. We construct walkthrough gates and large access gates according to specifications.
  • For an enhanced barrier, we can add a single or double rail at the top as an obstacle to deer attempting to jump the fence.
  • Our team pays close attention to detail at every step to construct a deer-proof fence customized to protect your entire property perimeter.

Clean Up and Inspection

  • After installation, we complete a thorough clean up and remove all equipment and leftover materials.
  • Our project manager will then inspect the completed fence installation to ensure conformance with the agreed upon design plan.
  • You also have the opportunity to inspect the fence and make sure it meets your expectations. We will address any additional adjustments as needed.
  • Lastly, we provide instructions on maintaining the fence and offer a 1-year workmanship warranty for peace of mind.

When you choose us for your deer fence installation, you get a long-lasting barrier customized for your property that keeps deer and other nuisance animals out completely. Our knowledgeable specialists make the process smooth from initial consultation through to project completion. Contact us today to get started with a free estimate!

Cost of Deer Fencing in Quincy, MA

The cost of installing a deer fence depends on several factors including the terrain, fence height and materials, property size, and any special features or customizations. On average, you can expect to pay the following deer fencing costs:

  • Fixed Knot Wire Deer Fencing: $15 – $30 per linear foot installed

This is the most common and affordable deer fencing option involving high-tensile fixed knot woven wire. With proper installation, it can last over 20 years. Ideal height is 8 feet.

  • Wooden Deer Fencing: $25 – $50 per linear foot installed

Cedar wood is naturally resistant to rot and decay. With regular maintenance, a wood deer fence can last 15+ years. Ideal height is 8 feet with privacy slats.

  • Ornamental Aluminum Deer Fencing: $50 – $100 per linear foot installed

This attractive and durable option replicates wrought iron fencing. With a powder coated finish, aluminum deer fencing can last 20+ years. Ideal height is 7 feet.

  • Electric Deer Fencing: $5 – $15 per linear foot installed

Electric fences give a non-lethal shock when touched. Low-voltage models work well alongside existing fencing. Ideal height is 6 feet with 6-10 inches ground clearance.

Other factors impacting overall project investment include terrain grading, permits, gates, and acreage. Our fence experts assess your specific needs and provide an exact price with no hidden costs.

Great Reasons to Choose Us


Our team leverages extensive fencing knowledge to provide solutions tailored to your specifications, landscape, and budget. We know how to maximize aesthetics and functionality.


Every fence we create is uniquely designed to match your precise style, space, and needs. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all fencing.

Quality Materials

We use only the most durable, resilient, and low-maintenance fencing materials to withstand the elements and keep your fence looking pristine for years.

Professional Installation

Our experienced installers are highly trained in proper fencing techniques for flawless execution you can trust will stand the test of time.

Customer Satisfaction

Your absolute delight is our top priority. We won’t rest until you’re 100% thrilled with your customized fence.


We offer competitive pricing and reasonable quotes with no hidden fees. Plus, we’re committed to working within your budget.

FAQs About Deer Fencing in Quincy, MA

How tall should a deer fence be?

The recommended deer fence height is 8 feet. This allows adequate clearance to deter deer, which can jump up to 8 feet high from a standing position. Some types can be effective at 6 feet with electric support.

What is the best material for a deer fence?

Woven wire and welded wire mesh with smaller openings provide the strongest and most reliable deer fencing. Wood and ornamental aluminum are attractive options. Electric fencing is also highly effective.

How long does a deer fence last?

With proper installation and maintenance, deer fencing lasts 15-25 years on average. Wood and PVC may need replacement sooner. High-tensile wire and aluminum can last 20+ years.

How far should a deer fence be from the garden?

For maximum protection, the deer fence should be installed as close to the garden as possible. Ideally within 1-3 feet surrounding the entire garden area to leave no gaps.

Will deer jump over or break through a fence?

Properly constructed deer fencing with optimal height and opening size will effectively keep deer from jumping or penetrating through. Sturdy corner posts also prevent deer from forcing through.

Can deer knock down a fence?

With adequate strength and proper installation, deer cannot knock down a fence. Strong tensioned wire, secure corner/end bracing, and robust posts prevent the fence from being dislodged.

How often should a deer fence be checked?

Routine fence inspections every 2-3 months are recommended to check for damage, openings, loose posts, and other compromises that can allow deer entry. Timely repairs will retain integrity.

Do gates need to be deer fenced too?

Yes, any access gates in the deer fence should have the same fence materials and height spanning the gate area. A sturdy metal frame with spring hinges and a strong latch also help deter deer.

What is the best fence post type?

Wood (cedar), galvanized or aluminum-coated steel, vinyl, and fiberglass work well. Wood needs re-sealing but provides good stability. Metal is strong but can be prone to rusting.

How much space should be left under the fence?

2-6 inches of clearance under the fence is ideal. Any more can allow deer and other animals to get through. The fence should follow the contour of the ground.


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