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Fence Replacement Near Quincy, MA

A sturdy and attractive fence is an essential part of any property, providing security, privacy and curb appeal.

However, fences do deteriorate and require replacement over time due to factors like weathering, rotting wood, rusting metal components, and general wear and tear.

Knowing when it’s time to replace your aging or damaged fence is important for maintaining the value and functionality of your outdoor space.

Our team of fencing experts can help determine if your fence needs full replacement, or if minor repairs and refurbishing will suffice. We have over a decade of experience inspecting, repairing and installing all types of residential and commercial fencing.

We can provide an honest assessment of your fence’s current condition and recommend the best solutions for updating or replacing it.

Replacing an entire run of fencing is a significant project that requires proper planning, materials and installation techniques. Our team will guide you through the process with expertise and attention to detail.

We offer replacements using top quality woods like cedar and redwood, long-lasting vinyl, ornamental aluminum and steel, and other fencing materials to suit your specific needs.

Your new fence from our company will not only look fantastic, but also withstand the elements and normal wear for maximum longevity.

We handle the entire fence replacement process for you, from getting permits to final cleanup. Our services include:

  • Site evaluation and planning
  • Removal and disposal of your old fence
  • Prepping the site for new fencing
  • Sourcing all necessary replacement materials
  • Expert installation of your new fence
  • Providing any needed repairs to existing fence posts and gates
  • Obtaining all required permits for your city
  • Working neatly and cleaning up the site after completion

We want you to have the peace of mind that comes with a beautifully installed, high quality new fence that will serve your property for years to come. Contact us today to get started with an assessment of your fence replacement needs!

Process We Follow for Fence Installation

Replacing your entire run of fencing is a complex process that requires careful planning and execution. Here is an overview of our fence replacement process:

Initial Consultation

The first step is for us to visit your property and assess the current state of your fence. We’ll note areas that need replacement along with sections that may be salvageable with repairs.

We’ll also discuss your goals for the new fencing in terms of function, privacy level, aesthetics and budget. If certain sections of fence or gates can be preserved, we will advise you on that as well.

Planning and Design

Next, we put together a detailed plan for the fence replacement project. This includes precise measurements of your property line, spacing of new fence posts, corner posts and gates, and developing an accurate quote. We’ll also show you design options for materials like wood, vinyl, metal, etc. With your input, we’ll create a final plan tailored to your unique needs.


Many fence replacement projects require city permitting. We handle this entire process for you, including submitting the permit application with your finalized plan, plans and materials list. Once approved, the permit allows the project to legally move forward.

Material Sourcing

With permits in place, we order all necessary materials for the new fencing per the specifications in the approved plans. We only source high quality fencing materials that are right for your project and needs.

Removing the Old Fence

Now the real work begins! We’ll safely dismantle your old, worn out fence and dispose of materials offsite. The goal is to remove the deteriorated fence without damaging any existing posts or gates that can be reused. We take care to protect surrounding landscaping during this process.

Preparing the Site

Your site will now be clear and prepped for the new fencing. We roto-till the ground if necessary, clear and level the area, and mark post spacing with stakes and string lines. If existing posts and gates are being reused, we’ll restore them with repairs, fresh concrete, etc.

Installing the New Fence

The fun part is finally here – raising your beautiful new fence! We dig precise post holes, set each post and gate into place, and attach fencing between them according to the final plans. For wood fences, we carefully cut boards to fit each section. Every piece is checked for plumb/level to ensure quality.

Finishing Touches

Once the fence installation itself is complete, we add all the necessary finishing touches. This includes clearing away construction debris, refilling any disturbed landscaping, coating/sealing wood fences, and more. We want the completed project to look fantastic.

Cleanup and Confirmation

For the final step, we do a thorough cleanup of your entire property. We confirm that you are completely satisfied with the finished replacement fence before officially wrapping up the project. Enjoy your renewed outdoor living space!

Our fence replacement process is refined to provide maximum quality, safety, and convenience. Every client is a priority, and we welcome discussions at any point in the process to ensure we meet your expectations. Contact us to get started on revitalizing your outdoor space with new fencing that will stand the test of time.

Cost of Fence Replacement in Quincy, MA

What can you expect to pay for a full fence replacement project? The cost depends on several key factors:

  • Linear footage – The required length of fencing around your property perimeter. More linear feet equals higher project costs.
  • Materials – Wood, vinyl, metal and other materials range in price. More durable or ornate options cost more upfront.
  • Access – Difficult access for demolition and installation may add costs for extra labor and equipment.
  • Permitting – Simple permitting fees are usually $50-$150 depending on the city. Complex permits cost more.
  • Special requirements – Sloping yards, retaining walls, dense landscaping etc can increase project costs.

As a general guide for a standard home, you can expect to pay:

  • Wood privacy fencing: $25-$35 per linear foot
  • Chain link fencing: $20-$25 per linear foot
  • Vinyl fencing: $35-$50+ per linear foot

Keep in mind these are just rough estimates. We provide FREE on-site estimates for your specific fence replacement project. This allows us to factor in all variables and give you an accurate quote you can trust.

Replacing your aging fence with a brand new barrier installed by our pros will enhance security, aesthetics and functionality for years to come. Contact us to get started!

Great Reasons to Choose Us


Our team leverages extensive fencing knowledge to provide solutions tailored to your specifications, landscape, and budget. We know how to maximize aesthetics and functionality.


Every fence we create is uniquely designed to match your precise style, space, and needs. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all fencing.

Quality Materials

We use only the most durable, resilient, and low-maintenance fencing materials to withstand the elements and keep your fence looking pristine for years.

Professional Installation

Our experienced installers are highly trained in proper fencing techniques for flawless execution you can trust will stand the test of time.

Customer Satisfaction

Your absolute delight is our top priority. We won’t rest until you’re 100% thrilled with your customized fence.


We offer competitive pricing and reasonable quotes with no hidden fees. Plus, we’re committed to working within your budget.

FAQs About Fence Replacement in Quincy, MA

How do I know if my fence needs replacing?

Your fence likely needs full replacement if you see extensive rot, cracked/peeling paint, missing or damaged boards, loose posts, rusting/corroding metal, and breaches allowing pets or pests to escape. If more than 15-20% of the fence looks worn out, replacement often makes sense over repairs.

Does my new fence need a permit in Quincy?

Most full fence replacements require a permit from the city of Quincy. We handle this permitting process for you from start to finish. The fee is usually $50-$150 depending on the specifics.

Should I reuse any materials from my old fence?

We can advise if it’s worth reusing your existing fence posts and gates. This can save money. However, most components of an aging fence need to be replaced with new materials for proper functionality and longevity.

What is the best wood for fencing?

The best woods for fencing are cedar and redwood. They resist rot, insects and weathering. We also use premium pine and spruce if cost is a concern. Avoid woods like fir that deteriorate quickly.

How long does it take to install a fence?

The fence installation itself usually only takes 1-3 days. But the full process of planning, permitting, demolition and prep work means most fence replacement projects take 2-4 weeks total.

Can I DIY my own fence replacement?

We don’t recommend DIY fence replacement unless you have construction experience. Permitting, demolition, dealing with buried lines, and proper installation technique make hiring a pro the best idea.

How much space is needed to replace a fence?

We need a workspace of at least 5 feet on either side of the fence line. Notify us about any landscaping, gardens or structures that can’t be disturbed.

What if I only need a few fence boards replaced?

If less than 15-20% of your fence is damaged, we can often just replace those affected sections or boards. This costs much less than full replacement. Let us know your needs!

Can you match the style of my old fence?

Absolutely! We can install your new fence in the same style and materials as your old one. Just provide photos and describe what you want duplicated.

How can I get the best deal on my fence replacement?

The best way to save is to get multiple quotes and choose a reasonably priced, high quality bid. Let us provide a free quote – you may be pleasantly surprised by the value we offer!


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