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Adding a trellis or arbor to your landscape can transform your outdoor space into an inviting retreat.

Whether you want to create a shaded sitting area, define a garden pathway, or provide support for climbing plants, our team of fencing experts has the skills and experience to build custom trellises and arbors that enhance the beauty and functionality of your yard.

With over a decade of experience designing and installing trellises, pergolas, arbors, and surrounding communities, we understand how important it is to match these garden structures to your home’s architecture and landscape.

Our artfully crafted trellises and arbors employ high-quality woods that are durable and long-lasting. We use only the finest materials so your trellis or arbor will withstand the outdoor elements for years of enjoyment.

We handle the entire process from design to permitting to installation. After an initial consultation where we learn about your vision and needs, our team creates a custom 3D design so you can visualize how the trellis or arbor will look in your yard.

Once you approve the design, we obtain any necessary permits from the city of Quincy and then our expert carpenters get to work crafting your trellis or arbor masterpiece.

When the installation day arrives, you can trust our crew to erect the trellis or arbor with minimal disruption to your landscape. We take great care to protect your plants, lawn, and other yard features during the process.

In no time, you’ll be enjoying your beautiful new outdoor haven under an artfully designed trellis or arbor handcrafted just for you by the pros.

Process We Follow for Trellises and Arbors

The process of designing, permitting, and installing a custom trellis or arbor requires expertise, care, and attention to detail. Here is an overview of how our team approaches trellis and arbor projects from start to finish:

Initial Design Consultation

  • The first step is meeting with you at your home to discuss your vision for the trellis or arbor. We’ll talk through how you plan to use the space and your desired look and feel. We can provide design ideas and recommendations based on our experience with past trellis and arbor projects.
  • During the consultation, we’ll take precise measurements of your outdoor space and document any relevant features of your home that will impact design, such as doors, windows, roof overhangs, and utilities.
  • We’ll also discuss what types of materials you prefer for the trellis or arbor frame, roof, and other components. The most commonly used woods are cedar and redwood, which have natural rot resistance.
  • At the end of the design meeting, we’ll have a clear sense of your functional and aesthetic goals so we can create a 3D design plan.

Custom 3D Design

  • With the information gathered during the consultation, our team will create a 3D design rendering depicting your new trellis or arbor within the exact specifications of your yard space.
  • The 3D design will detail the overall shape and footprint, placement, roof style, materials to be used, and any decorative elements or finishes.
  • We’ll present the 3D rendering to you to ensure it matches your vision. At this stage, we can make any revisions until the design is just right.
  • Once the design is finalized and you approve it, we will move forward with building permits.


  • Many trellis and arbor projects require a permit before installation can begin. Our team will handle completing the permit application and navigating the approval process.
  • Depending on the specifics of your project, the permitting process usually takes 2-4 weeks. We’ll keep you updated on the status throughout.
  • In some cases, trellises below a certain size or height may not need a permit. We will advise you on the regulations and submit permits when required.

Material Procurement

  • After the design is finalized and permits secured, we will purchase the necessary materials to build your trellis or arbor.
  • We source high-quality, long-lasting woods and other materials from trusted local suppliers we’ve partnered with for years.
  • In addition to the main structural materials, we’ll also procure any hardware, fasteners, finishes, roofing materials, and decorative elements called for in the approved plans.
  • We’ll provide you with samples of the woods and other materials for your approval before purchasing everything needed for the project.


  • With all design specifications, permits, and materials in place, our skilled carpentry team will begin fabricating the components for assembly.
  • We construct trellis and arbor frames, posts, roof rafters, and other custom parts in our woodworking shop using the approved plans and lumber.
  • Our lead carpenter oversees the fabrication process and performs quality control inspections throughout to ensure every piece meets our strict standards.
  • We’ll also prepare any decorative elements, such as latticework panels or trim accents, that will be incorporated into the finished trellis or arbor.
  • Once fabricated, all of the components are ready for final assembly and installation at your home.


  • Our professional installation crew will arrive on the scheduled installation day prepared to erect your new trellis or arbor with minimal disruption.
  • We’ll walk through the site to identify the optimal staging areas and access points for a smooth process.
  • After protecting your lawn, garden beds, and other yard features with drop cloths, we’ll begin assembling the trellis or arbor on-site.
  • Our carpenters follow meticulous protocols throughout the assembly and attachment process. All structural joints will be rock solid when completed.
  • For freestanding post-and-beam trellises, we’ll dig holes to the proper depth and position the posts into footers for strength and stability.
  • We take special care during installation to avoid damaging underground pipes or wires near the project area.
  • Once fully assembled, we’ll do a final quality check and clean up the workspace, leaving your yard pristine.
  • Throughout the project, we’ll keep you updated on progress and quickly address any questions or concerns that arise.

Expert Finishes and Protection

  • As a final step, we’ll apply any protective finishes or sealants to help your trellis or arbor withstand the elements.
  • Natural wood sealants enhance water resistance while allowing the grain and texture to show through.
  • For added longevity, certain woods and trellis components may warrant additional coats of marine varnish.
  • Our crew will consult with you on the best finish options for your specific materials and climate conditions.
  • We’ll also advise you on maintaining and reapplying finishes over time to get the longest lifespan from your investment.
  • With proper care and finishes, your custom trellis or arbor can be enjoyed for decades to come.

From concept to completion, we are committed to delivering a first-class trellis or arbor constructed to the highest standards. Please contact us to learn more about our custom trellis and arbor services for homes.

Cost of Trellises and Arbors in Quincy, MA

The cost of a new custom trellis or arbor for your landscape depends on several factors, including:

  • Size – Larger, more intricate trellises and arbors have higher material and labor costs.
  • Design complexity – Trellises and arbors with more decorative detail, carvings, or finishes are typically more expensive.
  • Materials – Redwood, cedar, and pressure-treated pine are common. Redwood is generally the most expensive wood option.
  • Additional features – Lighting, ceiling fans, and integrated benches or planters can increase costs.
  • Site access – Prices may be higher for difficult installation sites requiring extra labor and equipment.
  • Geographic location – Project costs in the Boston metro area tend to be higher than in more rural parts of the state.

Most small freestanding wood trellises start around $1,500. Larger post-and-beam trellises often range from $3,000 to $7,000. Attached trellises integrated into deck or patio features generally run $2,500 to $4,500. Custom wood arbors typically start at $4,000 and up.

Keep in mind that no two projects are the same. We provide free estimates for your unique trellis or arbor project after an initial site consultation. Our pricing is very competitive, and we offer flexible payment options.

Contact us today to discuss your budget and receive an accurate quote for your ideal backyard retreat!

Great Reasons to Choose Us


Our team leverages extensive fencing knowledge to provide solutions tailored to your specifications, landscape, and budget. We know how to maximize aesthetics and functionality.


Every fence we create is uniquely designed to match your precise style, space, and needs. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all fencing.

Quality Materials

We use only the most durable, resilient, and low-maintenance fencing materials to withstand the elements and keep your fence looking pristine for years.

Professional Installation

Our experienced installers are highly trained in proper fencing techniques for flawless execution you can trust will stand the test of time.

Customer Satisfaction

Your absolute delight is our top priority. We won’t rest until you’re 100% thrilled with your customized fence.


We offer competitive pricing and reasonable quotes with no hidden fees. Plus, we’re committed to working within your budget.

FAQs About Trellises and Arbors in Quincy, MA

What are the benefits of adding a trellis or arbor?

Trellises and arbors offer many benefits for your landscape. They provide shade and comfort, allow you to grow climbing plants, define spaces, add visual interest, and increase your home’s curb appeal and value. You can also incorporate seating areas, lighting, and other features for full enjoyment.

What size trellis or arbor do I need?

The right size depends on your space and plans for using the structure. Smaller trellises can provide support for container plants while larger freestanding structures create shaded sitting areas. Let our design team create a custom trellis or arbor suited to your needs.

What is the difference between a trellis and an arbor?

Trellises are typically lightweight lattice structures that offer support for vines and flowering plants to grow upward. Arbors are more substantial stand-alone garden structures designed for shelter, ornate decoration, and defining landscape spaces.

How long does it take to build a trellis or arbor?

Most projects take 1-2 weeks from design to completion. The permitting process can add 2-4 weeks. Our team will provide a timeline estimate specific to your custom project.

What is the best type of wood?

Cedar and redwood are top choices. These naturally rot-resistant softwoods are durable outdoors, long-lasting, and Visually pleasing. Pressure-treated woods are budget-friendly options.

Can you incorporate lighting or a seating area?

Absolutely! We can fabricate trellises and arbors with integrated lighting, ceiling fans, benches, planters, and more to enhance beauty and function.

How often do trellises and arbors need maintenance?

With proper materials and finishes, expect 5-7 years before minor upkeep is needed. Periodic refinishing maintains protective sealants. We’re happy to provide tips for caring for your investment.

Do I need a permit for my project?

In many cases, yes. We will advise if your specific trellis or arbor requires a permit and handle submitting applications to the city of Quincy on your behalf.

How do I match a trellis or arbor to my home’s style?

Our design experts will ensure your new structure complements your existing architecture. We incorporate styles from modern to craftsman to rustic and more.

What if I need to move or remove the trellis later on?

Our freestanding structures are designed for portability if you change locations. We’re also happy to dismantle and remove trellises when desired.


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