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Vinyl Fencing Near Quincy, Massachusetts

When it comes to fencing your backyard, vinyl is one of the most popular and cost-effective options for homeowners in Quincy, MA. Vinyl fencing provides privacy, security, and curb appeal without the maintenance headaches of wood fencing.

Our vinyl fencing contractors have installed hundreds of vinyl fence projects. We use only the highest-quality vinyl fencing materials that are durable, long-lasting, and able to withstand the New England weather.

Vinyl fencing is an attractive, low-maintenance alternative to wood privacy fences. The rich appearance and natural woodgrain texture give vinyl fences the beauty of wood, without the cracking, splintering, and discoloration.

Vinyl never needs staining or painting, saving you time and money over the lifetime of your fence. The vinyl construction also resists termites, rot, and decay. Our vinyl fences are guaranteed to last for decades.

With vinyl fencing from our company, you can achieve any style you desire. We offer vinyl privacy fences, picket fences, lattice fences, and ranch rail fences.

Our installers can match your existing architectural style or create a whole new look for your backyard. Whether you prefer a traditional white picket fence or a modern black aluminum fence, we have the vinyl fencing solution for you.

Contact our Quincy fencing company today at 6174049543 or request a quote online to connect with an expert. We’ll schedule a time to visit your property, discuss your vision, and provide a competitive estimate on your custom vinyl fencing project.

Invest in a durable, hassle-free vinyl fence that adds beauty and value to your home for years to come.

Process We Follow for Vinyl Fencing

Consultation and Planning

The first step of any vinyl fencing project with our team is an initial consultation at your property. During this visit, we’ll discuss your goals for your new vinyl fence, take measurements, examine the terrain, and address any unique considerations.

We can provide recommendations on vinyl fence height, style, and layout to help you achieve the look and functionality you want. Our experts will draw up a design plan detailing the scope of work so you know exactly what to expect.


If your vinyl fence project requires permitting from the town of Quincy, we’ll submit the application and plans on your behalf and obtain the approved permit. We’re familiar with Quincy’s fencing regulations and work efficiently through the permit approval process. All associated permit fees are included in your quoted price.

Materials Selection

With your input, we’ll select the optimal vinyl fencing products for your specific project. We use vinyl fencing from top brands that offer durable PVC construction, natural woodgrain textures, and warranties up to a lifetime. You can choose from standard vinyl privacy fence panels, decorative post caps, gates, and more. We’ll order and inspect all materials before installation day.

Installation Process

Once permits are secured and materials are ready, we’re prepared for efficient vinyl fence installation. Our vinyl fencing crews take great care to minimize disturbance to your landscape.

We dig fence post holes, set posts in concrete, and assemble fence panels with secure connections. Gates are hung and adjusted to ensure smooth operation. We clean up the site every day before leaving. Our project manager checks in regularly to monitor progress and answer any questions.

Finishing Touches

After the main vinyl fence installation is complete, we’ll make sure all final details are perfect before wrapping up. Fence posts are capped, gate hardware is tuned, and any necessary adjustments are made.

We’ll walk the site with you for inspection and fix any remaining issues immediately. We want you fully satisfied with your new vinyl fencing system.

When our crew heads out, your property will be enhanced by a stunning new vinyl privacy fence or vinyl picket fence installed by vinyl fencing experts.

We’ll provide all the information needed to care for and maintain your new vinyl fence for exceptional longevity. Contact us today to transform your backyard with beautiful, durable vinyl fencing!

Cost of Vinyl Fencing in Quincy, MA

The cost of vinyl fencing typically ranges between $15-$30 per linear foot installed. This depends on the height and style of fence you choose. Basic 6 foot high vinyl privacy fences start around $20 per linear foot.

More decorative vinyl fence styles like pickets and ranch rails range from $25-$35 per foot installed. Vinyl fencing costs roughly 2-3x more than wood fencing in materials, but saves money long-term with no maintenance.

Here are some examples of estimated costs for common vinyl fence projects:

  • 100 linear feet of 6 foot high white vinyl privacy fencing – Starting around $2,000
  • 75 linear feet of 4 foot tall black aluminum vinyl fence with decorative post caps – Starting around $2,500
  • 60 linear feet of 5 foot tall cedar-tone vinyl picket fence with walk gate – Starting around $2,400

Vinyl fence prices fluctuate over time with material costs. Our fencing company stays competitive by working with reliable vinyl suppliers. We’re transparent about all costs in our quotes, with no hidden fees.

While vinyl fencing does have a higher upfront investment than wood, it’s one of the most cost-efficient fencing options over time. The vinyl holds up year after year without any maintenance requirements. Wood fences need frequent staining, repairing, and full replacement every 5-10 years.

We offer flexible financing options to make new vinyl fencing affordable on any budget. Contact us for a free quote on your vinyl fencing project! Our estimates include all costs – materials, permits, installation, and cleanup. Investing in vinyl fence is a smart choice that adds value and enhances your property for decades to come.

Great Reasons to Choose Us


Our team leverages extensive fencing knowledge to provide solutions tailored to your specifications, landscape, and budget. We know how to maximize aesthetics and functionality.


Every fence we create is uniquely designed to match your precise style, space, and needs. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all fencing.

Quality Materials

We use only the most durable, resilient, and low-maintenance fencing materials to withstand the elements and keep your fence looking pristine for years.

Professional Installation

Our experienced installers are highly trained in proper fencing techniques for flawless execution you can trust will stand the test of time.

Customer Satisfaction

Your absolute delight is our top priority. We won’t rest until you’re 100% thrilled with your customized fence.


We offer competitive pricing and reasonable quotes with no hidden fees. Plus, we’re committed to working within your budget.

FAQs About Vinyl Fencing in Quincy, MA

What are the main benefits of vinyl fencing?

Vinyl fencing never requires staining, sealing, painting, or similar maintenance like wood fences. The PVC vinyl resists moisture, rot, termites, and decay. Vinyl also withstands exposure to sun, wind, and rain without cracking or peeling. It’s an attractive and durable fencing option for low-maintenance property owners.

What styles of vinyl fencing do you offer?

Our fencing company installs privacy fences, picket fences, ranch rail fences, pool fences, and commercial vinyl fencing. We can match your desired style and height. Popular options include privacy fences from 4 to 8 feet tall and classic white picket fences.

Do you need a permit for vinyl fencing in Quincy?

Most vinyl fence projects require a permit from the town building department. We’ll submit the application and plans to obtain an approved permit before starting installation. All permit fees are included in your project quote.

How long does vinyl fencing last compared to wood?

With proper installation, quality vinyl fencing will last 20-30 years or longer. Wood privacy fences typically last 5-10 years before needing full replacement. Vinyl is more durable for the long run. We use weather-resistant, UV-protected vinyl.

Does vinyl fencing lose its color over time?

Quality vinyl is highly colorfast and contains UV inhibitors to prevent fading. Some natural color change may occur slowly over decades but shouldn’t be noticeable. We offer vinyl fence colors and textures that maintain their like-new appearance.

Is vinyl fencing stronger than wood?

Vinyl is more impact resistant than wood and won’t crack or split. However, wood posts provide greater structural strength for spanning long sections. We use wood posts for support combined with vinyl fence panels for durability. The materials complement each other.

How do you attach vinyl fencing to wood posts?

We attach vinyl fence rails to posts using metal brackets and supports designed for vinyl. This creates a secure connection. Proper post spacing maintains the integrity of vinyl fence panels across each section.

Can you paint vinyl fencing?

Vinyl does not accept paint or traditional stains. Painting vinyl is not recommended and will likely peel or rub off. We offer vinyl fencing in a variety of colors so no post-painting is needed. White is most popular, but we also install tan, grey, brown, and black vinyl fences.

How do you clean vinyl fencing?

Vinyl is easy to clean with standard household products. A mild detergent and water solution sprayed from a garden hose can remove most dirt. For tougher stains, products like Simple Green, Soft Scrub, or Mr. Clean Magic Eraser can be used. Avoid abrasive chemicals.

Does extreme cold or heat affect vinyl fencing?

Vinyl is resistant to temperature extremes. It has a much wider temperature tolerance than wood before material performance is impacted. Our vinyl fence selection is engineered to withstand hot summers and cold New England winters. The PVC vinyl composition makes it highly weather-resistant.


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