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Wood Fencing Near Quincy, MA

When it comes to defining your property lines and enhancing your home’s curb appeal, wood fencing is a timeless choice valued for its natural beauty, versatility and durability.

As leading fencing contractors serving Quincy, MA and surrounding communities, our team specializes in the design, building and installation of stunning wood fences customized to suit your unique needs and budget.

Unlike flimsy chain link or generic vinyl designs, our wood privacy fences make a statement with their distinguished, elegant look. We offer a variety of wood species, textures, colors and finishes to complement your landscape.

Whether you need a rustic split rail fence framing a sprawling farm or a stately cedar picket enclosing your backyard oasis, we can bring your vision to life.

Our artisan craftsmen combine old world techniques with modern building science to construct fences that stand the test of time.

Wood is also the greenest fencing material, sourced from renewable and readily available resources. From start to finish, we follow sustainable practices and eco-friendly processes.

Our fences are designed to maximize durability, minimize maintenance and blend harmoniously into natural environments. With proper care, your wood fence can last 20-30 years or more before repairs are needed.

When you choose our team, you’re investing in superior artistry backed by decades of hands-on experience. Read on to learn more about our wood fencing process from design to installation.

Discover how we can create the ideal wood fence to beautify your property for generations to come.

Process We Follow for Wood Fencing

Design Consultation

The first step when building a custom wood fence is an in-depth consultation at your property. We’ll discuss your needs, preferences and specifications down to the smallest details – including fence height, length, materials, finishes, gates and more. With 3D imaging technology, we can show you photorealistic renderings so you can visualize how your new fence will transform the space.

Key aspects we’ll evaluate together include:

  • Intended purpose – privacy, security, purely decorative, etc.
  • Aesthetic goals – formal, informal, contemporary, traditional, etc.
  • Placement of fence lines and gates
  • Local zoning laws and neighborhood CC&Rs
  • Integration with existing landscape and hardscape
  • Future plans for additions, pools, plantings, etc.
  • Budget and ROI

With 20+ wood types and countless design choices, the possibilities are endless. We’ll guide you in selecting options aligned with your functional requirements, property character and financial parameters. Our expertise ensures your fence not only looks beautiful but also performs and lasts for the long run.

Precise Measurements

Once we’ve finalized the specifications, our team will visit your site again for exact measurements. We account for every contour, angle, slope and obstacle along the proposed fencing footprint. State-of-the-art technologies like aerial drone mapping help us achieve maximum accuracy. Precise measurements ensure:

  • Fence lines are perfectly straight or smoothly curved
  • Posts and gates are positioned correctly
  • Minimal waste and cost overruns during building
  • Flawless fit, finish and structural integrity

You can relax knowing we won’t start demolition or construction until all details are triple-checked. Our meticulous planning at this stage prevents surprises down the road.


For your protection, we manage the permitting process from start to finish. After designing your fence to comply with local zoning laws, we’ll submit applications and drawings to your city or county building department. Once approved, we’ll obtain the necessary permits before starting work on your property.

Proper permitting ensures your new fence meets all mandated criteria for:

  • Height
  • Setbacks from property lines
  • Allowable materials
  • Load capacity
  • Electrical needs
  • Homeowners association rules

Permits also grant us legal permission to operate in your neighborhood. We proudly maintain an A+ record for passing inspections on the first try. Permit fees are included in your project quote.

Material Selection

The wood fencing possibilities are nearly endless, but we’ll find the ideal match for you out of these commonly requested species:

  • Cedar – Prized for its appealing grain, aroma and natural resistance to decay. Cedar ages gracefully to a silvery patina. It’s lightweight but holds nails and screws well. Our cedar fences have an expected lifespan of 15-30 years.
  • Redwood – With lovely color and straight, fine grain, redwood is another great choice. It contains tannins that act as natural insect and fungus repellents. Stunning and sturdy, redwood is perfect for 20+ years of service.
  • Pine – The most affordable pressure-treated softwood. Pine has a pleasing knotty texture and yellowish hue. With proper maintenance, a pine fence can last 10-15 years in most regions.
  • Cypress – A classic coastal wood valued for its water-repellent properties. Cypress ages to a faded driftwood gray. It’s insect-resistant by nature and ideal for beach homes.
  • Douglas fir – A popular wood fence material with attractive amber tones and prominent growth rings. Douglas fir offers a good balance of beauty, strength and value.
  • Teak – One of the finest tropical hardwoods, characterized by its weathered gray look. Teak is naturally durable and ideal for 10-15 years of use before refinishing.
  • Ipe – Also called Brazilian walnut, ipe is a super-strong exotic hardwood perfect for pool fences. Its density provides unparalleled protection from moisture and pests. An ipe fence can easily last over 30 years with minimal upkeep.

We’ll help you select the right species for your climate, setting and personal taste. All our wood is sustainably harvested and mill-direct, so you enjoy premium grades at competitive prices.

Post Setting

Whether building a fence from scratch or replacing an existing one, we start by demolishing old materials and preparing the site. Next we excavate post holes at adequate depths and spacings based on fence height and local building codes.

For maximum strength and straightness, we use heavy-duty power augers to bore neat, cylindrical holes. After checking for proper alignment, we insert steel or wood posts into each hole and backfill with concrete. String lines assure all posts are perfectly vertical and positioned at the right heights. We allow the concrete footings to fully cure before moving ahead.

Proper post setting prevents:

  • Settling, shifting or leaning
  • Buckling under pressure
  • Premature rot at soil contact
  • Cracks from frost heave in cold climates

Rest assured our fence posts won’t budge for decades thanks to our structural engineering expertise.

Fence Building

Once the foundation is ready, we construct your wood privacy, picket, lattice or ranch fence section-by-section with master craftsmanship. Depending on design, we use durable metal hardware, galvanized fasteners and tried-and-true joinery techniques to build a rigid, sturdy framework.

Then we infill the frame with your choice of wood boards, planks, pickets or panels. We carefully select and arrange materials to highlight the fence’s natural beauty. For extra durability, we use woods that are naturally rot-resistant or pressure-treated.

Key elements of the building process include:

  • Dry-fitting every component before permanent assembly
  • Allowing room for woods to expand and contract with humidity
  • Leaving adequate ventilation space between boards
  • Using construction adhesives for robust connections
  • Pre-drilling wood prior to fastening to prevent splitting
  • Countersinking all screws and fasteners for a clean look
  • Sanding and smoothing each piece for splinter-free comfort

Every fence we build is an artistic labor of love as well as a sturdy, safe structure designed to outlast cheap retail kits. Our craftsmen make the most of wood’s inherent qualities to create stunning, long-lasting fences.


Gates make all the difference for both function and curb appeal. We construct custom wood gates sized and styled to match your fences and complement your home’s architecture. Options include:

  • Single and double gates
  • Driveway entry gates
  • Pedestrian gates
  • Pet gates
  • Extra-wide gates for RV access
  • Arbors and pergolas

After selecting metals and woods to coordinate with your fence, we engineer gates for flawless motion and security. Based on usage, we install the appropriate heavy-duty hinges, self-closing mechanisms and locking hardware. For large auto gates, we take care of installing operators, safety edges, warning signs and controls.

Through artful design and robust construction, our gates become seamless extensions of your fences – both beautiful and practical assets.

Stain & Sealer

Left unfinished, exterior woods like cedar and pine weather to gray tones. While some homeowners prefer this aged patina, others like to maintain the original wood color and grain. Stains offer light protection while allowing the texture to show. Sealers and clear coats provide maximum defense against UV rays, moisture, pests and mildew.

We offer professional staining or sealing using the highest-quality products in your preferred tones – from natural translucent to semi-solid colors. Refinishing solutions include:

  • Penetrating oil stain
  • Semi-transparent stain
  • Solid color stain
  • Clear wood preservative
  • Water-repellent sealer
  • Primer and paint

Factory-finished fence boards are also available for maximum convenience. We’ll help you choose the right finish for durability as well as aesthetics.

Cleanup & Haul Away

We never leave a mess behind. After completing each project, we tidy the entire area, sweep walkways, gather tools and remove all debris. We recycle or properly dispose of old fencing according to local regulations. We can also refurbish your existing fences with repairs, cleaning, stripping and refinishing if desired.

Our customers appreciate coming home to a spic-and-span space fully ready to enjoy. We want you to relax and admire your new wood fence from day one!

When you retain our company for your fencing needs, you always receive impeccable craftsmanship with no cutting corners. Contact us today for competitive rates and scheduling.

Cost of Wood Fencing in Quincy, MA

The total price of your wood privacy fence or picket fence will depend on several factors, mainly:

  • Fence Height – Staining and sealing taller fences costs more since it requires extra materials and labor. The standard height is 6 feet, but we can go lower or higher per your needs.
  • Fence Length – Longer perimeter fences obviously require more materials across a greater area. Let us know your total linear footage.
  • Material grades – Premium woods like ipe, redwood or mahogany cost more than standard options like cedar and treated pine. We offer wide selections at various price points.
  • Accessories – Add-ons like gates, arbors, concrete caps and solar lights increase costs but provide enhanced utility and design.
  • Site conditions – Complex terrain or the presence of buried lines/sprinklers may necessitate special equipment and techniques.
  • Demolition – Removing a pre-existing fence adds additional time, labor and disposal expenses.

For an exact price tailored to your unique specifications, please contact us online or call 6174049543 to speak with our Quincy fence team today. We provide free estimates at your site, detailed quotes via email, and guarantee transparent, competitive pricing with no hidden fees. Our volume discounts can save you up to 20% on larger fencing projects.

Great Reasons to Choose Us


Our team leverages extensive fencing knowledge to provide solutions tailored to your specifications, landscape, and budget. We know how to maximize aesthetics and functionality.


Every fence we create is uniquely designed to match your precise style, space, and needs. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all fencing.

Quality Materials

We use only the most durable, resilient, and low-maintenance fencing materials to withstand the elements and keep your fence looking pristine for years.

Professional Installation

Our experienced installers are highly trained in proper fencing techniques for flawless execution you can trust will stand the test of time.

Customer Satisfaction

Your absolute delight is our top priority. We won’t rest until you’re 100% thrilled with your customized fence.


We offer competitive pricing and reasonable quotes with no hidden fees. Plus, we’re committed to working within your budget.

FAQs About Wood Fencing in Quincy, MA

Which is better – wood or vinyl fencing?

Wood is better if you want a classic, tailored look. The natural grain and variations make each fence truly one-of-a-kind. Wood also feels warmer and more inviting. Vinyl works well for low maintenance and affordability.

What’s the most cost-effective wood for fences?

The most budget-friendly woods are treated pine and cedar. They balance durability, aesthetics and affordability. We also offer recycled plastic or composite lumber for value-conscious projects.

Should I choose a natural or stained wood fence?

That’s an aesthetic choice, but unstained woods weather to grayish silver tones. Finishing seals the original color and provides protection. We offer transparent to semi-solid stain colors.

How far apart should wood fence posts be spaced?

We place posts 6-8 feet apart for privacy fences and 8-10 feet apart for picket fences. Local building codes dictate exact maximum spans based on fence heights and wind load ratings.

What’s the best way to preserve my wood fence?

Apply penetrating oil stain every 1-2 years. Also check for damage after major storms. Perform occasional repairs as needed – we’re happy to help keep your fence looking its best.

How do I choose gates for my wood fence?

Consider the gate’s purpose, traffic volume and the size of vehicles or equipment passing through. We’ll help select the right type, width, hardware, automatic openers and safety features.

Should I paint my wood fence for better protection?

Stain is better since it soaks into the wood grain to protect from within. Paint merely coats the surface and can chip or peel. Our stains enhance or preserve your fence’s natural look.

How far should my fence posts be sunk into the ground?

Fence posts should be buried up to one-third of their total height to resist frost upheaval in cold climates. Building codes specify the minimum footing depth based on local conditions.

Can I diy install a wood fence?

DIY is possible for simple projects, but commercial installers like us have the right tools, experience and manpower to build fences properly and efficiently. Our expertise prevents costly mistakes.

How close can I build a fence to my property line?

Most areas allow fences directly on the property line. But setback rules vary, so we’ll check your local zoning laws. We include permitting services to ensure compliance.

For more information or a free quote on crafting the perfect wood fence in Quincy, contact our team today!


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