Roadways In Quincy, Massachusetts

Quincy, Massachusetts is a historic coastal city located just south of Boston. With a population of over 90,000 residents, Quincy has an extensive network of roadways that help connect its various neighborhoods and facilitate travel within and around the city. In this in-depth guide, we will explore the major roadways, highways, and streets that make up the transportation infrastructure of Quincy.

Major Highways

Several major highways run through Quincy, allowing convenient access to Boston and other surrounding cities and towns:

Interstate 93

  • Runs north-south along the eastern edge of Quincy
  • Connects Quincy to Downtown Boston in the north and the South Shore/Cape Cod in the south
  • Part of the major freeway system around Boston
  • Exits in Quincy include Furnace Brook Parkway, Route 3A, and Route 3

Interstate 295

  • Bypass route around Boston
  • Runs along northern Quincy, from Milton to Weymouth
  • Eases traffic congestion headed to Cape Cod in summer months
  • No direct exits to Quincy roads, but accessible via Route 3 interchange

Route 3

  • Major north-south highway on the South Shore
  • Runs from Cape Cod through the Quincy area up towards Boston
  • Parallels I-93 through Quincy with exits to local roads
  • Southbound exit 8A serves Furnace Brook Parkway and Quincy Center

Route 3A

  • Historic road that originally connected Boston to Plymouth
  • Runs along Quincy shoreline parallel to I-93
  • Connects Wollaston Beach, Quincy Center, and Houghs Neck areas
  • Sections have local street names like Southern Artery and Washington St

Key Local Roadways

In addition to the major highways, Quincy has many important local roadways that facilitate transportation within the city itself:

Quincy Shore Drive

  • Runs along oceanfront from Wollaston Beach to Merrymount Park
  • Passes scenic vistas of Quincy Bay and Boston skyline
  • Home to famous Quincy mansions like the Adams National Historic Park

Hancock Street

  • Main thoroughfare through Quincy Center downtown district
  • Runs from Quincy Center MBTA station towards Houghs Neck
  • Lined with restaurants, shops, city hall, church, and office buildings

Newport Avenue

  • Primary north-south road in North Quincy
  • Connects Wollaston and Downtown Quincy, passing by North Quincy Station
  • Commercial corridor with many shops and restaurants

Furnace Brook Parkway

  • Major road linking I-93/Route 3 to Quincy Center
  • Passes by Quincy Medical Center and Merrymount Park
  • Provides access to Adams Shore neighborhood

Sea Street

  • Historic winding road along southern coastal edge of Quincy
  • Connects Germantown neighborhood to Quincy Bay
  • Site of beautiful old mansions and views of the ocean

Southern Artery

  • Heavily-traveled route linking Quincy, Weymouth, and Braintree
  • Sections include Quincy Ave and Southern Artery
  • Businesses along route include retail stores, car dealerships, and restaurants

Key Streets in Quincy Neighborhoods

In addition to the major roads above, Quincy has many notable streets and roadways within its distinct neighborhoods:


  • Hancock Street – Main street through the Wollaston commercial district
  • Newport Avenue – Busy north-south thoroughfare
  • Quincy Shore Drive – Oceanfront road along Wollaston Beach

North Quincy

  • Hancock Street – Downtown stretch with shops and restaurants
  • Newport Avenue – Primary north-south road
  • East Squantum Street – Residential street along the ocean

Quincy Center

  • Hancock Street – Main downtown road with historic buildings
  • Whitwell Street – Quiet side street near Quincy Center MBTA
  • Spear Street – Home to Quincy City Hall government complex

Houghs Neck

  • Sea Street – Winds along the ocean through Houghs Neck
  • Manet Avenue – Main residential road through the peninsula
  • Bayview Avenue – Shoreline street with water views


  • Palmer Street – Central neighborhood hub
  • Commander Shea Boulevard – Curve along the coastline
  • Albert Road – Quiet narrow lane near the bay

Adams Shore

  • Alton Road – Central road through the neighborhood
  • Yarmouth Road – Coastal street along Quincy Shore Drive
  • Rockaway Street – Seaside dead-end lane

Notable Bridges

Quincy’s location along the ocean and rivers means several bridges are vital for connecting the city:

Fore River Bridge

  • Spans the Fore River linking Quincy to Weymouth and South Shore
  • Opened in 2017 to replace aging bridge
  • Part of Route 3A near Quincy Shipyard district

Sagamore Bridge

  • Crosses the Cape Cod Canal to Cape Cod
  • Route 3 traffic passes over both the original and newer bridge spans
  • Vital link from Boston metro area to Cape Cod region

Quincy Adams MBTA Station Pedestrian Bridge

  • Footbridge over Interstate 93 to connect station platforms
  • Distinctive modern cable-stayed bridge design
  • Allows riders to access trains via West Quincy neighborhoods

Thomas Crane Public Library Pedestrian Bridge

  • Spans busy Southern Artery behind the main library
  • Allows walkers to safely cross between library and Adams Green park
  • Named for former Quincy mayor Thomas Crane

Main Traffic Circles and Squares

Quincy also utilizes traffic circles and squares to direct the flow of vehicles:

Perkins Square

  • Busy rotary at intersection of Hancock St, Newport Ave, and Quincy Ave
  • Routes traffic towards Wollaston, North Quincy, and Quincy Center
  • Surrounded by variety of businesses and restaurants

Crown Colony Square

  • Large rotary connecting Granite St and Shaw St near I-93
  • Access to shopping plazas, hotels, and office parks
  • Major gateway when entering Quincy via highway

Five Corners Square

  • Intersection of Hancock St, Granite St, and Revere Rd
  • Bustling area near Quincy High School and Middle School
  • Shops and eateries cater to local students

Bay Pointe Square

  • Small rotary at junction of Quincy Ave, Southern Artery and Washington St
  • Marks entrance to Quincy Center from I-93
  • Surrounded by large residential developments

Merrymount Square

  • Intersection of Quincy Shore Dr and Southern Artery
  • Located by Merrymount Park overlooking Quincy Bay
  • Commercial area and bus stop location


From major highways that speed regional travel to local neighborhood streets, Quincy’s road network allows the efficient flow of vehicles throughout the city. Key roads like Newport Avenue, Quincy Shore Drive and Hancock Street help define the character of Quincy’s distinct communities. Bridges and rotaries further aid navigation for residents, visitors, and commuters. Quincy’s well-developed transportation infrastructure supports this historic city as it continues to grow and evolve.


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  • Head east on Interstate 90 toward Boston. Take exit 25B to merge onto MA-3 S toward Quincy/Cape Cod. Take the Burgin Parkway exit and turn left onto Burgin Pkwy. Turn right onto Quincy Ave. Turn left onto Federal Ave. 22 Federal Ave is on the right.
  • From downtown Boston, head south on I-93 S. Take exit 7 toward Quincy. Keep left at the fork to continue on MA-3A S. Turn right onto Burgin Pkwy. Turn left onto Quincy Ave. Turn right onto Federal Ave. The destination is on the right.
  • Get on I-93 S toward Boston. Take exit 9 for MA-3A toward Quincy/Braintree. Turn right onto Burgin Parkway. Turn left onto Quincy Ave. Turn right onto Federal Ave. 22 Federal Ave will be on your right.