Neighborhoods of Quincy, MA

Quincy is a historic coastal city located just south of Boston on the North Shore of Massachusetts. With a population of over 90,000 people, Quincy is the 8th largest city in Massachusetts and has a diverse mix of residential neighborhoods each with their own unique character and appeal. Here is an in-depth look at the many interesting neighborhoods that make up this great city.

Downtown Quincy

Downtown Quincy is the heart of the city and its central business district. It runs along Hancock Street from Quincy Center MBTA station to Merrymount Parkway and features a mix of government buildings, retail stores, restaurants, professional services, and more. Some of the key landmarks downtown include:

  • Quincy Center MBTA Station – The public transit hub of the city with Red Line subway access to Boston.
  • Quincy City Hall – The historic seat of the city’s government located in a beautiful Greek Revival building from 1844.
  • United First Parish Church – Where two U.S. Presidents, John Adams and John Quincy Adams, are interred.
  • Ross Garage – Former Ford assembly plant now home to offices and retail like TJ Maxx.
  • Hancock Cemetery – Historic 17th century cemetery with graves of many of Quincy’s earliest settlers.

Downtown Quincy has seen a revitalization in recent years with new luxury condos, restaurants, offices, and stores bringing renewed vitality. It’s an exciting urban hub with appeal for young professionals and empty nesters alike.

Quincy Center

Quincy Center is a smart growth district and neighborhood that overlaps with downtown Quincy. It is focused around the MBTA Red Line Quincy Center station and features mid-rise mixed-use development including apartments, condominiums, offices, hotels, retail stores, and medical offices.

Some highlights of Quincy Center include:

  • Independence Park – Landscaped plaza and common space for community events and gatherings.
  • 1550 Hancock Street – Mixed-use building with retail and luxury condominiums.
  • Nova at North Quincy Station – Transit-oriented high-rise with apartments and ground floor retail.
  • The Woodward – Mixed-use project under construction that will add over 700 residential units.

With its easy transit access and walkable new developments, Quincy Center is drawing high demand from young professionals, empty nesters, and downsizers looking for an urban lifestyle.


Wollaston is a primarily residential neighborhood located in the northeastern part of Quincy along the coastline. It was once home to a thriving beach resort community and has a distinctly historic early 20th century architectural character. Some key features include:

  • Wollaston Beach – Small but lovely public beach along Quincy Shore Drive.
  • Wollaston MBTA Station – Provides Red Line subway access to Boston.
  • Wollaston Yard – 27 acre site being redeveloped into multi-family housing, retail, and open space.
  • Wollaston Hill Historic District – Over 300 homes on tree-lined streets representing a wide array of architectural styles.
  • Wollaston Golf Course – Public 18-hole course with hilltop views.

Wollaston has a semi-suburban feel with larger homes and yards compared to downtown. Residents enjoy proximity to beach, transit, and golf along with a stock of beautiful historic homes.

North Quincy

North Quincy is another primarily residential area located north of Wollaston and just south of the Quincy/Boston border. It features an abundance of Victorian homes and 20th century bungalows along with several major destinations including:

  • Marina Bay – Upscale mixed-use development with restaurants, retail, offices, apartments and condos on the waterfront.
  • Adams Shore – Community of seaside homes with private beach and scenic ocean views.
  • Squantum – Peninsula neighborhood surrounded on three sides by water. Includes Squantum Point Park.
  • Patriots Trail – Walking and biking path converted from old railroad tracks that connects to Boston.
  • North Quincy MBTA Station – Red Line subway stop providing easy transit access.

North Quincy offers a quieter lifestyle with great transportation links. Housing options range from historic homes to new construction condo buildings. Proximity to both city and shoreline is a major perk.

West Quincy

West Quincy refers to the part of Quincy west of Quincy Center and northwest of Wollaston. It includes several distinct sections:

  • Quincy Point – Southernmost tip of Quincy featuring beautiful homes with water views. Includes private Wollaston Yacht Club.
  • Germantown – Historic area settled by German immigrants in the late 1800s.
  • Black’s Creek – Residential area near wetlands, woodlands, and the black’s creek salt marsh.
  • Faxon Park – Large park with baseball fields, trails, community gardens, and more.
  • Quincy Quarries – Former granite quarry site with hiking trails and rock climbing.

West Quincy offers proximity to parks, outdoor recreation, and lovely natural areas while still providing easy access to downtown. Housing options include older homes, condos, and apartments ranging from budget-friendly to luxury.

Houghs Neck

Houghs Neck is a uniquely situated peninsula neighborhood located on the southern side of Quincy Bay. It feels like its own private island yet is attached to the mainland by a short stretch of land. Highlights include:

  • Houghs Neck Beach – Public beach with views of the Boston skyline.
  • Edgewater Drive – Waterfront road lined with beautiful historic homes and private yacht clubs.
  • Commander Shea Boulevard – Oceanfront boulevard with stunning multi-million dollar homes.
  • Marina Bay Maritime Center – Community sailing, rowing and educational facility.

With its peaceful setting, access to beaches and boating, and inviting community feel, Houghs Neck is a highly coveted area drawing those who can afford its premium waterfront homes.


Germantown is a small residential enclave located just east of West Quincy. It has the distinction of being the neighborhood settled by German immigrants in the late 19th century who were brought in work in the local quarries. Some of the key features include:

  • Francis X. Bellotti Memorial Park – wooded parkland with trails and sports fields.
  • German Liberty Pole – Historic monument installed in 1876 to celebrate the country’s centennial.
  • VoVo Music Recording Studios – Famous recording studio started by Dick Curless where many rock, pop, and country stars recorded albums.
  • Saint Boniface Church – Roman Catholic parish originally built in 1888 to serve the German Catholic community.

Germantown retains a strong sense of history and culture from its German roots. Housing stock includes Victorian homes and early 20th century bungalows attractive to those seeking historic charm at affordable prices.


Merrymount is a primarily residential area located between Quincy Center and the coastal neighborhoods of Wollaston and North Quincy. It includes Adams State Park and the Quincy Homestead. Some highlights include:

  • Adams National Historical Park – The birthplaces and homes of Presidents John Adams and John Quincy Adams.
  • Quincy Homestead – c.1685 home of Colonel John Quincy, grandfather of Abigail Adams.
  • Merrymount Parkway – Scenic historic parkway designed by Frederick Law Olmsted running from Quincy Shore Drive.
  • Saint Ann’s Church and Cemetery – Beautiful 19th century Gothic Revival Catholic church.

Merrymount offers a wide selection of suburban-style neighborhoods popular with families. Home styles range from classic Colonials and Victorians to mid-20th century Cape Cod bungalows. Convenience to downtown Quincy is also a major plus.


Montclair is a small residential area located between Wollaston and North Quincy south of Quincy Center. It was developed primarily in the 1920s and features quality homes on tree-lined streets. Highlights include:

  • Montclair Elementary School – Highly-rated public school serving grades K-5.
  • Arnold Street – Lined with iconic 1920s English Revival and Colonial Revival style homes.
  • Montclair Park – Small neighborhood playground and park.
  • Temple Beth El – Active reform Jewish temple founded in 1924.

Montclair offers tranquil side streets perfect for families seeking quality schools and homes with historic character, all conveniently close to Red Line subway access.


Atlantic is a small coastal neighborhood located between North Quincy and Quincy Point along the shoreline south of downtown. It is known for having many historic summer cottages from the late 1800s and early 20th century that give it a quaint, seaside feel. Some key features include:

  • Atlantic Restaurant – Popular local restaurant and function hall on the waterfront.
  • Atlantic Seafood Company – Small takeout spot for fresh local seafood.
  • Southern Artery – Section of old road with historic homes overlooking the ocean.
  • Atlantic Memorial Park – Waterfront park with walking paths and scenic ocean views.

Atlantic retains an old-fashioned beach community vibe. Limited housing options are available in the modest historic cottages that line the shore. Proximity to both the water and Red Line transit are major assets.

Hospital Hill

Hospital Hill is a small neighborhood that gets its name from being home to two of Quincy???s major hospitals:

  • Quincy Medical Center – Large regional hospital that is part of the Steward Healthcare network.
  • VA Boston Healthcare System – Provides healthcare services to U.S. Veterans.

Surrounding the hospitals is a quiet residential area with tree-lined streets. Housing options include Victorian homes, early 20th century bungalows, and newer condominium developments. The neighborhood offers a balance of medical services and tranquil spaces while being conveniently close to downtown Quincy.


True to its name, Granite is the Quincy neighborhood that developed around the city’s historically important granite quarrying industry. Some of the notable features include:

  • Granite Railway – First commercial railroad in America opened in 1826 to transport local granite.
  • Quincy Quarries Reservation – Former quarry site with hiking trails showcasing abandoned quarries and granite outcrops.
  • Saint Catherine’s of Sienna Church – Roman Catholic parish built in the early 1900s to serve quarry workers.

Beyond its quarrying history, Granite has leafy residential streets lined with classic early 20th century homes. Proximity to the Blue Hills Reservation hiking trails and open spaces is also a perk for nature lovers.

Other Notable Neighborhoods

Some other neighborhoods in Quincy worth mentioning include:

  • Marina Bay – Master-planned mixed-use development with a luxury marina, high-rise condos, shops, and restaurants.
  • Presidents Hill – Exclusive waterfront area with estates owned by the Crane family who founded Crane paper company.
  • Squaw Rock – Small coastal residential area located between Squantum and Houghs Neck.
  • Adams Shore – Seaside community in North Quincy with private beach club.
  • West Quincy – Residential area with historic homes, parks, and proximity to hiking.

Quincy’s many neighborhoods each have their own unique identity and assets. This diversity provides living options to meet just about anyone’s preferences ranging from urban to suburban to semi-rural. With its rich history, natural amenities, and economic growth, Quincy continues to be an excellent place to live, work and visit.


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